IBRC2020, 17th International Biophilia Rehabilitation Conference, April 7-10, 2020 USMF "Nicolaie Testimitanu", Moldova

Greetings – 2020

   (Taki) TAKIZAWA, Shigeo, (Founder / Inventor)
President, International Biophilia Rehabilitation Academy
Professor, Biophilia Institute, the Designated and Registered Institute for Kaken by the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology

Dear colleagues,

It is my honor to inform you that this conference IBRC2020 has more significance than ever.
It is held by a professor who is researching the Motivative exercise except for Japan.
There was a question whether any place which was carrying out it except Japan from an official of the World Health Organization at the time of the Geneva conference IBRC2016.
I had to answer that there was no implementation. Although we have so far done many kinds of research about it. But they were done in Japan. However, Prof. Stratulat reported his research on the changes in the range of motion of joint by the motivative exercise enforcement at the ISPRM2019 in Kobe and IBRC2019 in Okayama.
Moreover, at the ISPRM 2019, the long workshop for our research titled "Super aged community: role for community based and primary rehabilitation care" was developed by the tutorship of Prof. Alessandro Giustini. And our invited lectures at there were enforced with getting the attendance of the president of ISPRM, Prof. Walter Frontera.

We have been publishing the BIOPHILIA, which serves both as the proceedings and the journal. As in his research introduced, I want you to open your study, which is related to a supplementary examination or a case report to the world from multiple viewpoints on it for each country. I expect you to publish your study at the BIOPHILIA.

I believe that IBRC2020 will become a forerunner to use the study, which we have advanced among people in many countries in the world, and will give the benefit for people promoting the research.
To germinate from one grain is very important for everything. There is a big meaning for this conference on this viewpoint.
I have provided devices for exercise to universities and facilities in five countries such as Italy, Poland, Romania, Thailand, and Latvia by today. From now on, I would like to cooperate with the doctors, researchers, and professors who want to use and/or study as much as possible. Also, I declare that they can make the PataKoro devices without any permission of me in their own country, and also, distributing and selling are allowed unconditionally. I hope that you spread it to people and decisions for selling or distributing by whom promoting research.
I want the researchers to understand the importance of IBRC2020 by the reason mentioned above.
It is my expectation from the depth of my heart that doctors who want to realize a functional sustentation and re-acquirement of physical activity of patients who were diagnosed as an impairment, join our study to realize the diversity on the rehabilitation medical intervention technique.
So, I believe this conference is very significant and very meaningful for the participants.

I am looking forward to your participation.
Thank you very much.