IBRC2020, 17th International Biophilia Rehabilitation Conference, April 7-10, 2020 USMF "Nicolaie Testimitanu", Moldova
Files for Submitting your presentation
The Biophilia Editorial Board

Manuscripts must be submitted electronically.
Please make your Biophilia (IBRA) Member
ID and password via http://biophilia.pw/contribute/protect/
After created your ID and password, Please submit your article via http://biophilia.pw/contribute/protect/enter.cgi
Instructions for Preparing Manuscripts on following website;https://www.jstage.jst.go.jp/article/ibra/2/1/2_51/_article
And another one; via http://www.biophilia.pw/journal/08.shtml
Copyright Transfer Form
A completed, signed and then scanned Copyright Transfer Form and the form made by excel file http://www.biophilia.pw/journal/2014COPYRIGHT_TRANSFER_FORM.xlsx
should be sent electronically to takizawa@ biophilia.biz

Disclosure of Conflicts form
Disclosure of Conflicts form is not received, the submission will not be processed. http://www.biophilia.pw/journal/disclosure-of-conflicts.pdf
should be sent electronically to takizawa@ biophilia.biz

Statement of Originality form
The form is a fillable PDF that must be emailed to takizawa@ biophilia.biz