IBRC2020, 17th International Biophilia Rehabilitation Conference, Abatement:
USMF "Nicolaie Testimitanu", Moldova

Message of IBRC 2020

PhD. Dr. Ioan Sorin Stratulat
University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Gr. T. Popa” - Iasi, Romania and
State University of Medicine and Pharmacy "Nicolaie Testimitanu" Chisinau, Republic of Moldova.

Dear friends!

It is my honor and pleasure to organise International Biophilia Rehabilitation Conference 2020 in Chisinau, Republic of Moldova. These event is organised in association between State University of Medicine and Pharmacy Nicolae Testemitanu and University of Medicine and Pharmacy Gr. T. Popa Iasi, Romania, together with the Society of Specialist in Rehabilitation and Physical Medicine from Republic of Moldova and Society of Physicians and Naturalists Iasi, Romania. These proposal came as result of past activities in the field of the speciality and friendship between Romania and the Republic of Moldova.

For the first time I attended IBRA conference in 2013 that was held at Chieti University Italy and untill now I appreciate the high level of this event.
During the time I realized that medical rehabilitation represents an essential health care component for acute patients and aging population. A lot of modern technologies: robotics, virtual reality electronic devices have been introduced in physical and rehabilitation medicine with great hope for patients to eliminate barriers of disabling condition but the results still need time to happen.

Meanwhile old technologies and practises like mirror therapy, bimanual or motivational training, different types of kinesiotherapy showed high efficacy and relatively moderate costs.
All of these are based on neuroplasticity.
Till 2018, stem cells have no experimental results concerning efficacy in traumatic brain injury and stroke . Discovery of doublecortin-positive cells opens a new direction for the treatment and possible role in brain plasticity and development. All that mentioned above shows us one more time the necessity of sharing the knowledge and information among different doctors, researchers and social community representatives.

Medicine of the 21st century is based on scientific certified proves, real treatment for all types of pain and patients level of satisfaction for treatment. For these reasons our conference must establish clearly new types of treatment in accordance to the needs and available resources of the society at the moment .

I hope that all the participants taking part to these conference IRBC 2020 Chisinau, Republic of Moldova will share all of their knowledge and the results will be applied to the needs of persons with disability and society as a whole part!
Hope to meet you in Chisinau, I wish you a pleasant time during IRBC 2020!