Biophilia 2017 -
Workshop in Riga
- IBRC2017 -


Message at the workshop BIOPHILIA 2017 in Riga

 (Taki) TAKIZAWA, Shigeo, (Founder / Inventor)
President, International Biophilia Rehabilitation Academy
Professor, Biophilia Institute, the Designated and Registered Institute for KAKEN by the Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology

It is my honor to extend a heartfelt greeting in holding the workshop BIOPHILIA 2017 in Riga named the pearl of the Baltic Sea, the city of famous Hanseatic League as a president of IBRA.
I express my profound gratitude to Professor Gunta Ancane who agreed this workshop holding readily.
I express my heartfelt greeting to Dr.Anda Nulle, Chair of the Board National Rehabilitation center "Vaivari" and Latvia and President of Latvian Assotiation of Rehabilitation Physicians and Dr. Signe Tomsone, Dean and Assoc. Professor of the Faculty of Rehabilitation, RSU who welcome our visit.

Aging proceeds globally. And the elderly with disabilities are increasing more and more in the world. The problem of mental health has also expanded. Then their life is threatened.
The World Health Organization (WHO) and the International Society of Physical and Rehabilitation Medicine (ISPRM) established the research organization for the disabilities with a shared sense of crisis. The head of the woman and health committee of the ISPRM took the lead to hold the workshop 2016 in Tokyo under such a situation, and it was held. And it is also true that it led to IBRC2016 holding with the WHO participation with the help of the Japanese Health, Labour and Welfare Ministry.
Our research is in the middle of a way, and this shows that it is necessary to advance further research with new researchers. I am expecting holding of this the workshop BIOPHILIA 2017 in Riga leads to the expansion of development of research, and also the improvement in the welfare of the human beings who enabled longevity attained.

Now, I explain why I wanted to hold BIOPHILIA workshop here in Riga. Freedom, equality, and friendship were borne by the French Revolution in the 18th century. This concept spread with Napoleon's victory. Napoleon's wave reached to Lisbon in the south and reached here Riga in the north. The Napoleon Imperial Government was pushed down by defeat in Lisbon and Riga. However, by having been pushed down, the concept of freedom, equality, and friendship became a norm in the world. I visited Torres Vedras, Lisbon at the time of the IBRC 2014 in Sevilla holding. And now, I visit here Riga in Latvia called the pearl of the Baltic Sea in the city of famous Hanseatic League.
Today the world civilization has reached the era of demographic transition. And the era has become the time when human beings' happiness is not enough only with the concept of freedom, equality, and friendship.
The Takizawa method rehabilitation centering on a motivative exercise a core implement shows the high efficiency of the functional recovery. The supplementary examination, RCT, and a mechanism elucidation are called for, in order to make it the useful intervention technique to human beings. I would like to study such research with you at this opportunity. It shows that our joint study affects the paradigm shift in the rehabilitation medicine which is “acceptance of disability" to "overcome disability."
We hold the BIOPHILIA workshop in Riga. Now as I expressed, it gives the human beings a chance to establish the new civilization enabling to develop the sustainable super-aged society, which is configured the concept of freedom, equality, friendship and the overcome disability.
In closing, I expect that the significant Riga workshop will be a fruitful meeting for all of the participants.

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