IBRC2016 -
13th International Biophilia Rehabilitation Conference



Raoul Saggini

Director of the Medical Postgraduate School  in Physical And Rehabilitation Medicine

President of the Degree Course in Physiotherapy

“Gabriele d’Annunzio” University Chieti- Pescare Italy


The experience matured during the collaboration with IBRA (International Biophilia Rehabilitation Academy) every year enables us to deepening the area of neurological disorders in the advanced rehabilitative contexts related to it.
This partnership allows all the participants to discuss in the light of the inherent international literature and of every own experience matured during time and also to speak in a context debated at international level but also in scientific literature.

We can implement, enhance and potentiate the particular fields of Physical And Rehabilitative Medicine which is actually projected to the recovery of illnesses related to the psyco-bio-socio aspects of the person only through the collaboration and the exchange of knowledge.
The Man, considered as a complex biomotor biosystem, needs, when afflicted by a neurological illness, to recover his residual potential so he can adapt the corporeal system to the different condition to which it is subjected: that is how he can realize a continuous dynamic interaction in and with the environment around, even if afflicted by the supervening disability.
A multidisciplinary and multispecialistic medical equipe that is able to act on every aspect of the body system, in a coordinated and synergc way it is necessary In order to obtain those rehabilitative outcome.

This important scientific appointment, IBRC 2016 will allow us to focalize and discuss on the state of art of these problems, in a view of multispecialistic international collaboration pointing on the innovation in the rehabilitative field, inspired by the principles of the evidence based medicine.
I wish for every organizer, participants and for everyone of us that this will be a productive conference in every aspect: the result of this cultural exchange will be just the apex of all the positive predictions announced.