Our Challenge and Progress

In this twenty-first Century, an aging society is increasing in many countries not only developed countries but also developing countries. In order to establish a sustainable and well aging society,we had started a study group in 1990 as a society for the socio-medical rehabilitation of the 21st century, and we realiezed to hold a first international academic meeting of the Biophilia Rehabilitation Academy in 2001.

We could have a lot of fruits from various fields not only the medical field but also fields of the philosophy, economy, engineering and/or administration through holding previous International and domestic Biophilia Rehabilitation Conferences.

By progress to holding the IBRC 2008, renaming to the International Biophilia Rehabilitation Academy from the International Division of the Biophilia Rehabilitation Academy was suggested, and the renaming was confirmed by the general assembly of the Biophilia Rehabilitation Academy August 232008 in Oosaka, Japan.

We termed our international study group the International Biophilia Rehabilitation Academy on September 5, 2008. It was declared in the address of the president for the IBRC 2008.

It is sure that the name, which means to carry out individual rehabilitation by one's abilities for overcoming the disabilities and to live independently with overcoming the disabilities, making our activity bringing people in the world happiness clearer.

It is our great pleasure to have new website and the chance to hold the next IBRC in Cuba. These will help human being all over the world.

We are looking forward to join medical doctors, nurses, occupational therapists, physical therapists, massage practitioner, care givers, rehabilitation technology researchers, rehabilitation engineers, suppliers and manufacturers, end-users and advocates, educators, policy specialists, economist, administrative officer, and a variety of other rehabilitation and health professionals to our academy.