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We become the impelling force of the revolution of hope through our study.
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What is the Revolution of Hope?

 It is what starts two paradigm shifts.
 The first paradigm shift is to overcome their disabilities and enable to live with little care for the increasing elderly and disabled elderly in number by restructuring the rehabilitation medicine with adopting autonomous rehabilitation medical treatments named TAKIZAWA Method (United States Patent: No.7153250) .
 The second paradigm shift is to enable the coming super-aged society sustainable by their contribution to the society.

In other words, it enables to maintain our society and the social security by restructuring the rehabilitation medicine.
All the patients who need the rehabilitation medical treatments have been treated as much as they needed in Japan.
 Rehabilitation medical specialists were doubled from 810 to 1,787 specialists and physical therapists increased 470% to 100,560 therapists over ten years, ending in 2012.

 While some might think that the people who need care decreased, the patient load doubled from 2,180,000 people in 2000 to 5,540,000 people in 2012. This means that rehabilitation medical treatment needs to be restructured.

We are studying the related research fields including medical science, engineering, and social science in order to integrate the various aspects of a complex aged society and to establish a super aged society sustainable.  We have been and will be focusing on how to restructure rehabilitation medicine and assisting patients in reacquiring bodily functions by overcoming their disabilities and dysfunctions.  Finally, we are pursuing to make “impairment” an obsolete word.

Learning from history, an important movement is born from the effort of a small group.
Let’s form ranks with us, meaning
you and the Biophilia people.

Revolution of Hope and To shape a New Civilization, Introduction of Keynote lecture of Riga workshop